Ilyushihin Ivan

"Only with the help of lawyers the court may contest reach completeness and vitality, prevent the judge from the one-sided view, so harmful for correctness of the decision ... "

Pobedonostsev K.

In 2000, he graduated from the law faculty of St. Petersburg State University, received a master's degree of law.
In 2001 was appointed to the post of assistant to the chair of the legal environment, and in February 2002 he was admitted to the applicants said the department.

Thesis: "Payment for environmental pollution as an element of the economic mechanism of environmental protection."

At the moment, the applicant is in the department of legal protection of the environment Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University (Heads MV Krotov and NA Shevelev).

In 1998, he took part in the work of the State Duma Committee on Budget, Taxes, Banks and Finance as an expert in the development of the Tax Code.

Author of more than 50 scientific papers on tax, budget and civil law, and monographs.

Specialization: Environmental and Nature and resources law, arbitration, tax law, economic crime


Ishutina Nadezhda

"In order not to think about you, do what you think is fair"

Pythagoras of Samos

She graduated from the law faculty of St. Petersburg State University

1995-2001 GG legal advice and representation in court of legal persons mainly in the field of civil law relations.

In the period 1996-2004. - Teacher of legal disciplines in higher and St. Petersburg schools.

In 2007-2008. - Lawyer in UAB "Legal protection"

In 2008-2009. Law Office "Ilyushihin and Partners", the chief specialist of tax consulting;

In the 2010- 2011 biennium. Lead Counsel in OAO "PO" Barricade ".

In 2011, the main specialist areas of civil and legal consulting in law offices "Ilyushihin and partners."

In 2016 head of the civil-legal consulting in law offices "Ilyushihin and partners."

Specialization: civil consultancy


Smirnov Alexey

"We have a lawyer only one form of capital - its reputation."

M. Barschevsky

In 2001 he graduated with honors from the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University.

In 2007-2016 gg. Head of Tax Consulting Law Firm "Ilyushihin and Partners"

Specialization: tax consulting and tax optimization, tax law and protection of the rights of the taxpayer, tax crimes

Publications: Practical features of the calculation and payment of land tax: comments. to Sec. 31 of the Tax Code [ "Land Tax" (itemized)] / Ilyushihin I. Smirnov AE

He is also the author of scientific works in the field of tax law, and co-author of the Commentary to Chapter 31 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation (with IN Ilyushihinym)


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